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VANtage: March 2017

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President’s Message

Of all the seasons of the Catholic year, Lent is the one that most affects me. This 40 day period before Easter wasn’t always my favorite, since it usually meant giving up chocolate or ice cream or TV, but as I have grown older and thought more about why we fast and reflect on the ways we can improve ourselves, it has become a meaningful and helpful time for me every year (although my wife will tell you I like them because of the fish frys). Similar observances can be found in Judaism and Islam, and that got me thinking about why in every culture I know, there’s at least some emphasis on self-improvement.

For many volunteers, self-improvement is part of their service. They want to use their time of service to reflect on where there is still need in this world and to help affect change. As Volunteer Administrators, we can’t provide absolution for past sins, but we can recognize the good work volunteers are doing every day for the betterment of the communities we serve. How do we thank them and recognize their service? We’ll be talking about just that this month in preparation for National Volunteer Week in April. I hope to see you there!

Nick Linkenhoker
VAN Central Ohio President


March Meeting:
Many Thanks
Thursday, March 16
8:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Columbus Public Library
Main Branch – Auditorium
96 S. Grant Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43215

What’s your best, or most memorable, or most meaningful “Thank You” moment? Were you the thank-er or the thank-ee? How did you feel afterwards? What action(s) did it inspire?

With National Volunteer Week kicking off April 23rd, it’s time to get into the spirit of Volunteer Appreciation/Recognition. We’ll kick off the meeting by sharing our “best” moments. We’ll then hear more from a few of our members on how their organizations lift up Volunteers in April and beyond.

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VAN is Looking for Members to Join Task Forces Aimed at Strengthening Programs
The VAN Board is looking for you to help us gain a better understanding of the programs and services our members want and need and insights into the best way to communicate those services to our members. Please consider joining one of three task forces:

• Marketing Plan led by Nora Lyons ( and Kathryn Wagonrod (
• Professional Development and Networking led by Jackie Haight ( and Liz Garrabrant (
• Benchmark Survey led by Liz Solomon ( and Carla Mello (
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VAN Half Year Membership

VAN Half Year Memberships are now available! If you know anyone who is thinking about joining VAN this is a great time! This $30 membership is a great way to get involved with VAN at a discounted rate. All memberships expire at the end of June.

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