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VANtage: August 2017

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This summer, the mantra surrounding the weather seems to be “if it rains, it pours.” My neighbor, a water drainage engineer (who knew that was a thing?), told me that the worst storm we had this summer was categorized as a 50 year storm. According to him, that giant tunnel they built under Columbus to handle storm water drainage filled up in less than 10 minutes. My cabbages took in so much water so quickly that they literally burst open, splitting into two pieces (the coleslaw that they made still tastes delicious, though). I’ve started to make friends with the squirrels that have taken refuge from the storms on the front stoop.

Many of us have the same “rainy season” of volunteers as well. For me, it’s often summer, when school is over, fall sports haven’t kicked into high gear, and parents are looking for any excuse to kick their kids off the couch before their muscles begin to atrophy. Some think of us as a day care service where a kid can be dropped off for an afternoon, and we’ll find something for them to do. We get big groups that want to come in to the pantry as part of their back-to-school activities. I’m glad people are thinking of us, and I’m glad to have the help, but often it’s more than we’re able to use, especially when we aren’t receiving many large food donations.

That’s what I love so much about participating in VAN. It’s a great way for me to find ways to partner with other organizations, both to see how they utilize volunteers and to see how we can share the load and find volunteer opportunities that engage our community in a meaningful way. It’s also why I love hearing about the reports from conferences like the two that were offered this year. This month, join us to recap the national conferences from the VAN members who attended. Don’t forget, this is the time of year to renew your VAN membership if you haven’t done so already, so you don’t miss out on the fantastic things our team is planning!
Nick Linkenhoker
VAN Central Ohio President


August Monthly Meeting:
Bringing It Back

Thursday, August 17
8:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Mid-Ohio Foodbank 3960 Brookham Dr.
Grove City, Ohio 43123

Bringing It Back Learning is even better when you can share it with others! Let’s face it, we can’t all get to every conference every year. In August, we’ll learn from those VAN members who were able to make the trip over the summer months.



All memberships expired on June 30th. Please renew your membership for 2017-2018 by clicking here to visit the VAN website. We have some unique opportunities for networking and professional development lined up for the second half of this year and want to be sure you have continued access to these events and resources.