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Have you had any wild weather volunteer stories this year? Please share! Do you ever have moments in your work where it seems like you’re at the center of a great convergence? Sort of like having a dozen long-shelved ideas dust themselves off and start lumbering your way like those animated brooms in Fantasia. Or, for another entertaining visual, having all of those thought-cats you’ve been herding turn towards you in unison (kind of creepily) and erupt into spontaneous cooperation.

I’m currently living this experience, and although it is quite an exciting and creative space to be in, the topic is still a tough one: “How can we engage people in our mission with really bumming them out?” Looking beyond the obvious – meaningful volunteer opportunities – what kinds of activities, programming, or messaging could be used to connect people to (in our case) ending hunger in a lively, lighthearted way? Volunteers regularly reaffirm my faith in humanity. In return I’d like to be able to share our stories, struggles, and triumphs in a more winsome way. If anyone has tackled this topic, please share your story!

Is this a time of convergence for you as well? What is the common thread running through all of those dusty ideas on your shelf?  What might happen if you could wave a wand and wake them up?

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Elizabeth Garrabrant

VAN Central Ohio President


March Monthly Meeting
Thursday, March 21, 2019
8:30am- 10:30am
Dublin Justice Center
6565 Commerce Parkway
Dublin, OH 43017

*If you are not a member, the cost to attend a monthly meeting is $20.

VAN Mentorship/ Buddy Program

In January, we re-introduced the VAN Mentorship/Buddy Program. During the January meeting, members had an opportunity to complete a survey that was used to pair up members. We will have another opportunity, later this year for other VAN members to join.

Your VAN Buddy is an individual you can go to for mentorship opportunities, to ask questions, to help you work through a challenge, or to share exciting news about your volunteer program. VAN Buddies are encouraged to meet up during the networking portion of the Monthly VAN meetings (8:30 – 9:00 a.m.) to check-in and share. But this doesn’t have to be the only time you chat. VAN will provide other opportunities throughout the year to encourage conversation and a chance to share and provide mentorship to each other.

Thank you for your participation in the VAN Mentorship/Buddy Program.


VAN Half-Year Memberships Are Still Available!

Membership fee is reduced to $40 and entitle you to attend VAN-sponsored events between now and June 30th. If you’ve been putting off renewing, now is a great time.

To take advantage of this offer, visit the VAN website .

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