VANtage: January 2018

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VAN – President’s Message, January 2018

Hello from the new VAN Board President

I am excited to be moving into the role of President of the VAN Board. I have been a member of VAN since 2005 when I took my first job in the field of Volunteer Administration. At the time I had just started as a Team Leader for Volunteers at COSI and was embarking on a new career path. I looked for opportunities to grow my knowledge around the field of Volunteer Administration and found VAN as a great resource. With great leadership from individuals like Heather Popio (former Director of Volunteer and Community Resources at COSI and former VAN President), mentorship from Barbara Ludden (former Manager of Volunteer Recruitment and Placement at COSI), and support of the VAN network I was able to grow my career, move up with-in the organization, and earn my CVA. In 2015 I was encouraged to join the VAN Board and took on the role of Membership Co-Chair. To my surprise, I found myself rejuvenated with my participation in VAN and had a new opportunity to strengthening my leadership skills. To me, VAN has been a valuable resource for developing and strengthening my knowledge and skill as a Volunteer Administrator. It has provided me with an amazing network of people that have provided mentorship and has had a positive influence on my career. I am proud to have the opportunity to lead this great organization and provide informative learning opportunities to VAN members and a knowledgeable network of Volunteer Administrators that can make a positive impact in our field and with-in our communities. I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year starting with our Annual Meeting on January 18th.
Terri Gregoroff, CVA
Director of Volunteer Services, COSI


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