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We spend a lot of time as volunteer managers talking about how we can best recognize volunteers for their great service and dedication to our causes. At the ServeOhio Conference last week, there were a number of conversations about how thank volunteers when paying them isn’t an option. How do you balance the different ways people want to be recognized, how to we pay for recognition, what’s the best recognition gift? All these are important conversations to have, and there aren’t any easy answers. But have you asked yourself lately, how do I want to be appreciated for my work?
That’s what we want to talk about in November as part of International Volunteer Manager’s Day (which is scheduled on November 5, although we’re celebrating it November 9). Even though we’ve chosen this path as our career and we (hopefully) get compensated for doing it, we still want to feel appreciated for what we do. The VAN Awards are one way to recognize ourselves and the people in this field who are doing exemplary work.
This isn’t just about patting ourselves on the back, although that can feel pretty good. It’s about recognizing that volunteer management is an important piece of the puzzle for our organizations, even if our piece of the puzzle isn’t in the news as much as the fundraising successes and the operational efficiencies. By recognizing each other, maybe we can help spread the word that what we do is important, and that our volunteers do great work, in part, because they have fantastic volunteer administrators to support them.

P.S. – The November 9 meeting is early this month, so if you have the VAN meetings saved to a recurring event on your calendar like I do, you’ll need to remember to change it!

Nick Linkenhoker
VAN Central Ohio President


November Monthly Meeting:
International Volunteer Managers Day Celebration
Thursday, November 9
8:30 – 10:00 a.m.
Columbus Metropolitan Library
96 S. Grant Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43215

PLEASE NOTE: The November monthly meeting is being moved up one week to Thursday, November 9th from 8:30am – 10:00am, to coincide with the celebration of International Volunteer Mangers Day (November 5th).


“Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community.” Mary V. Merrill, LSW
As managers of volunteers you support the amazing contribution volunteers make on our community each day. Help us celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day and the impact we make by joining us on November 9th. We will celebrate with a special treat to thank you for your contribution and a celebration of the work of a major contributor to the field of volunteer administration, Mary Merrill. Mary Merrill served as a trainer and author in volunteerism and was an adjunct faculty and co-teacher for Ohio State University’s Institute for Community Leadership. We will share a body of her work and discuss what it means to be an effective volunteer administrator. To cap the celebration we will re-introduce the Volunteer Administrators’ Network awards celebrating our community and the impact we make.


VAN Holiday Luncheon on Thursday, December 14
Time, location, and festive details coming soon!


All memberships expired on June 30th. Please renew your membership for 2017-2018 by clicking here to visit the VAN website. We have some unique opportunities for networking and professional development lined up for the second half of this year and want to be sure you have continued access to these events and resources.


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